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Yoga retreat in Bali and find peace within yourself

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Yoga class in BaliImage:
Do you often feel restless and anxious? Perhaps you have taken away the bustle of peace and mental health, so you no longer feel the true happiness. Life is too short to worry. You need take special vacation and discover inner peace and your “Chakra” in Bali. 

Natural beauty in Bali gives you wonderful places for water sports in some of the secret beaches and in the depths of the amazing underwater Bali. There are a lot of activities in this tropical island, that will give you pleasant experience for a variety of adventures  such as snorkeling, or diving and many other outdoor sports such as rafting, even mountain climbing, hiking, trekking, and honeymoon.

yoga in bali, yoga class, yoga workshop, spa in Ubud, yoga ashram in Bali, discover chakra in Bali, kundalini yoga, wonderful spa in Bali, yoga pose
A yoga pose in a natural setting of Bali. Image:
If you're looking for peace of mind, you can practice yoga in Ubud or other places in Bali. Yoga is also a unique adventure to discover chakra and awaken kundalini that lies within you. There are a lot of foreign tourists, especially from USA, Germany, India, Japan or  Russia for meditation and yoga. They are interested in yoga exercises with spiritual atmosphere in Bali.

If you are on vacation or staying at a hotel or villa in Sanur beach, every morning you will see the Balinese people practicing yoga, whether alone or in groups. You can join yoga class or workshop. There are many travelers interested in yoga. Most of them are practice yoga in the artist colony of Ubud, Gianyar. Bali in the future will be the center of yoga, meditation and spirituality.

Kecak Dance a fantastic performances in Bali

balinese art, Balinese dance, Kecak dance, holiday in Bali, vacation in Bali, adventure in Bali, fire dance, tanah lot, pura Uluwatu, sunset in bali
Kecak Dance in Tanah Lot. Image:
Are you ready for a fantastic adventure? Let's holiday in Bali, the Last Paradise on earth. 

If you are on holiday to Bali be sure to watch the Kecak Dance. This dance is very unique and very popular among the tourists and the Balinese people. Kecak dance is one of the most attractive art performances in Bali. 

Kecak Dance is performed by many dancers tens or more, even with 5000 people demonstrated in the Pura Tanah Lot. The male dancers are sitting in rows in a circle and with a certain rhythm and chanting "cak" and raised both arms.

balinese art, Balinese dance, Kecak dance, holiday in Bali, vacation in Bali, adventure in Bali, fire dance, tanah lot, pura Uluwatu, sunset in bali
Kecak dance. Image:
The dancers are sitting in a circle is wearing a plaid fabric like a chessboard around their waist. Besides the dancers, there are other dancers who portray the characters of Ramayana like Rama, Shinta, Ravana, Hanuman and Sugriva.

Kecak dance sequence depicting the Ramayana as apes help fight Ravana. However, the Kecak originated from the ritual sanghyang, the dancers dance traditions will be in an unconscious condition, communicating with God or the spirits of the ancestors and then convey their expectations to the public.

Taman Tirta Gangga water palace, oasis in Paradise Island

Tirta Gangga Water palace, taman air Tirta Gangga, Holiday in Bali
Beautiful water park, Tirta Gangga. Image:
Bali has a natural beauty and art works in the performing arts, Bali also has a heritage of history and prehistory. There is a wonderful heritage, namely Taman Tirta Gangga. Within this park there is the water palace. It’s very good if you bring your children to visit this palace to increase their knowledge of history. 
Tirta Gangga Water Palace, Taman Ujung
Tirta Gangga is located in the village area Ababi, Abang district, Karangasem regency, and is about 100 km from Denpasar. Tirta Gangga is situated in a cool area at the foot of the mountain since the Great, and was just on the edge of the highway Amlapura towards Singaraja, and as well as the much visited for Karangasem residents and surrounding areas, as well as foreign travelers.

Taman Tirta Gangga is a very beautiful landscape complex. Its existence provides a reflection on the cultural patterns of the palace and the people who set the culture water (spring water) at the position and a very important meaning for life.

Kertagosa, historic relics in Bali

Kertagosa palace, Kertagosa Klungkung, Kertagosa heritage
Kertagosa. Image:
Kertagosa is one of the kingdom of Klungkung heritages. Kertagosa was built around 1686 by the first king of Klungkung Ida I Dewa Agung Jambe. Kertagosa consists of two buildings (bale) that Bale Kerta Gosa and Bale Kerta Kambang. Bale called Kambang because the building is surrounded by a pond that is Taman Gili.  Kerta Gosa uniqueness with this Kambang Bale is on the ceiling surface or bale ceiling is decorated with traditional Kamasan style painting (a village in Klungkung) or puppet style that is very popular among the people of Bali.

Discover the Last Paradise in Bali

hindu temple in Bali, mother temple of Bali, Besakih temple, pura besakih
Pura Besakih. Image:

Do you already have plans for a vacation this year? I suggest you to enjoy a vacation in Bali. Discover Bali and enjoy wonderful vacation and fantastic adventure in paradise. Bali is located in South East Asia, between the island of Java and Lombok island. Bali is only a little spot on the magnitude of the Asian continent and Australia, you try to look at the map of the world, but this paradise island has received attention from all over the world since more than a hundred years ago.

Bali visited by millions of traveler and tourists not only for its natural beauty, but more because of its unique traditions, art and culture.  Bali's population of more than 90 percent are Hindus, and they are very open to foreign culture without losing their identity. Remember to visit Pura Besakih, the largerst Hindu temple in Bali.

Bali is a romantic getaway in paradise

honeymoon villa, hotel for honeymoon, honeymoon in Bali
Honeymoon dinner in Bali. Image:

When love blossomed, date at a fancy restaurant with a bottle of wine and a beautiful candlelight world definitely feels belongs to you and your lover. However, when you want to strengthen your love, you need a place to enjoy the beauty of love. Make sure your honeymoon to a beautiful tropical island.

Bali, an island paradise that has various points romantic, beautiful beach with sunrise and sunset, beautiful mountains, terraced rice paddies, and listen to the gurgling river valleys and villages in Bali. You can stay in a special room for honeymoon with a view of the beach or the river and the beautiful rice fields. Bali is wonderful for a romantic honeymoon.
You can enjoy the most beautiful moment in this paradise.

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